Opening 9/13
That ain't nothin new when you from downtown. It's do or die around these street. Think you handle it? well come on and let see if you can handle downtown Houston.

Name: | age: | trait(s): Caring | hometown:
FC: Sonny Munny

Bio: Life for him was never easy, being boring with declining hearing caused him to struggle since the day he was born. He grew up being treated different than the other kids, feeling like he always was getting special attention he did everything he could to show that he was a normal kid. Getting hand puts was never something he liked, he did everything in school he wanted to play ever sport be at every event. He struggled with wanting to fit in for a long time until he got to high school where he fell in love with art. In the past few years he has learned to deal with being deaf, an excellent lip reader he doesn’t miss a beat. He has grown to become a very successful tattoo artist.

Expand on his bio mention things about his family and if he had a good up bringing or not. You can also talk about how art has helped shape him into the person he is today. You can also mention how he struggles day to day being deaf.

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